Cyber Security & Social Engineering

The vast majority of cyber attacks originate when a staff member clicks on an unsafe link or attachment. With cyber threats constantly changing, automated email security programmes only go so far to eliminate bad links.

That’s why, for an organisation to be wholly secure, all levels of staff need to have an awareness of cyber security. Our cyber security and social engineering awareness training is ideal for staff members who are in non-technical roles, outside of the IT department and who have recently joined your team, or as a refresher course.


Win More Business

The ‘Building your Networks to win more Business’ workshop is facilitated by the NMD Tender for Growth programme, a business support initiative which helps local SMEs grow their businesses.

This workshop will be a basic introduction to Tendering – aimed at demonstrating that Tenders are accessible to SMEs in a wide range of sectors.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

‘Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset’ hybrid workshop with Phil Graham – a hugely successful entrepreneur and business mentor, takes place on Wednesday 16th November (12-2pm) and will provide would-be entrepreneurs with insights on building confidence, creativity, self-reliance, and resourcefulness essential for taking that first step to starting a successful business.

Cyber Threats

Bringing together business leaders, industry experts and SMEs that have embraced technological change, this informative seminar will explore how you can mitigate against the growing cyber threat and how to apply these principles to your business.

The seminar will feature three informative presentations and an in-depth Q&A session. It will also be a great opportunity to network with local business owners and IT personnel to share insights and knowledge.

Get Into Tech

Get Into Tech Event features guest speakers, followed by an opportunity to engage with employers from across the IT and Tech sector as well as representatives from Northern Ireland’s Further Education Colleges.

Our guest speakers will discuss how IT shapes our daily lives, the benefits of working in IT and the different pathways to begin a career in IT, no matter what your educational background.

Upskilling Your Staff for Business Growth

Strengthening links between education providers and local businesses to ensure employees have the required skills for a modern workplace.

Recruiting and Retaining the Right People

Discussing recruitment markets, skills shortages, up-skilling your team, how to attract the right people, to name just a few topics, this workshop is perfect for those who wish to grow and retain their workforce.