Jacqui Rooney, Jacqueline Rooney Art

Jacqueline Rooney Art is an art business based in Rostrevor, Co Down. Artist and teacher Jacqui Rooney is a participant in the NMD Business Growth Programme, where she is working with dedicated business mentors to help her grow her business.

1. Describe your business 

I’m an award winning artist who creates vibrant, atmospheric, emotive paintings inspired by our Irish landscapes. After graduating in 2000 with a BEd (Hons) in Art & Design I began teaching, but my creative side always needed an outlet. Over time I began exhibiting, selling paintings and taking commissions, which led to founding Jacqueline Rooney Art.

2. What made you register for the NMD Business Growth programme? 

While my business was going ok, I knew that I wanted to grow my business and open myself out to new opportunities. To fo this I recognised that there was opportunity to benefit from expert help and advice through the NMD Business Growth programme, so I signed up.

3. Has the programme been beneficial to your business?

Since joining the programme I have been able to work with mentors, who are providing strategic advice on how I can target new business. This programme has been instrumental in building my confidence in terms of how I price my work and how to grow my sales.

4. What are the key learnings you have taken from the programme? 

One of the key things I am now able to do is stand back and take a strategic view of my business. I have learned the importance of pricing and budgeting properly in terms of my outfit margins.

5. Has your company grown or identified new areas for growth through the programme?

My business has grown dramatically. Since joining the programme and taking a fresh view of how I approach my business, I have secured several new outlets where my work is available to buy and I have grown my direct sales extensively.

6. Would you recommend the programme to other businesses?

I would highly recommend this programme to all businesses. We can’t all be experts in all fields. The fact that there is a wealth of expertise and guidance available to support us in growing our businesses is invaluable!