Client:                    Catherine McIntosh  

Business Name:    Strive & Thrive Consulting


Describe your business/what you seek to deliver/the market you are targeting/serving

Strive & Thrive Consulting provides training to individuals and teams to enhance wellbeing, resilience, leadership and high performance.

Workshops and training programmes are delivered both face-to-face and online direct to businesses.


Over the past six months, Strive & Thrive has delivered workshops and programmes to businesses in all sectors including legal, tech, manufacturing, media and the NHS. We have also provided online webinar which have reached participants from 27 different countries.


Strive & Thrive also offers personal development programmes to individual consumers.

What made you register for the NMD Business Growth programme?

I was confident that the programme would deliver the skills, knowledge and moral support that I needed to get my business established.

Has the programme been beneficial to your business?  What aspect(s) helped you most/propelled you into action

The NMD Business Growth Programme has been hugely beneficial to my business. From supporting the establishment of the business, to the development of the website, marketing and sales.

What are the key learnings that you have taken from the programme?

  • Build a strong network
  • Find out what your client needs
  • Be confident in your products
  • Be collaborative for growth

Has your business launched, grown or identified new areas for growth through the programme?

The NMD Business Growth mentoring programme was integral in supporting me to successfully launch and grow my business with confidence.

Would you recommend the programme to other businesses?

I would highly recommend this programme. The level of expertise and experience of the mentors is highly valuable to anyone wanting to launch, grow or diversify their business.